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Lubricant POLYXCD is a premium quality biopolymer powder designed to provide  maximum solids suspension and hole cleaning in vertical and highly deviated wells as well as […]



SINO MUD Salt Fluids Loss Control Agent HIPOLY

HIPOLY is a synthetic polymer specifically designed for high-temperature and high-salinity environments. It can stand more than 240℃ (460℉) Excellent in reducing fluids loss under 240C° […]



SINO MUD Drilling Polymer CX TROL

SINO MUD Viscosifier CX TROL is a premium grade purified high viscosity, high molecular weight versatile blend of cellulosic and organic polymer, used as an […]

mining exploration


Drilling muds application of SINO MUD: Mining drilling

Drilling muds application of SINO MUD: SINO MUD GROUP is one of the leading manufacturer of drilling fluids in the world supplying Mineral Exploration drilling, […]



SINO MUD Drilling muds

SINO MUD is drilling fluids manufacturer,Who is specialized in providing one stop drilling mud source to the drilling companies. SINO MUD products include Bentonite, Powder […]